Use cut command on low power to etch

I’m a new Glowforge owner and while testing different materials I’ve had the inevitable mishap of cuts not penetrating the material (usually wood). Also, engraving is a very slow process.

My question is: Has anyone ever tried to engrave using the CUT command and adjusting the settings to what would be appropriate for paper? It seems it would be much faster but I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing. (I’m specifically referencing etching lines.)

Cut and score are exactly the same on the glowforg. Just segregated for our convenience. So yes, all the time.

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Yes, people have played with using defocused score settings for engraving to speed things up and these posts come to mind. (There’s probably more out there too.). I’ve not tried it personally though. Let us know if you do any experimenting.

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D’oh! I’ve yet to use the score function. Thanks!

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If you have any doubt that score can look nice check this out: Air crew wings

Also about a 1/4 of the time as an engraving.