Using laser foil



Interesting post about using laser foil and acrylic to make name badges. Good step by step walkthrough.

WIll this Material ruin my Glowforge
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I think I’ve got some rolls of that stuff crammed into a box somewhere upstairs…I need to see if I can find it. (Hope I didn’t pitch it.) :relaxed:


I didn’t get the black part of the process, it’s black acrylic?


That is SO cool! I do follow that blog, there are a lot of neat projects on there.

Does anyone know in what way laser foil differs from the mylar foil that is used for garment decoration? I’ve got a bunch of the latter.


Here’s a link to another example I posted awhile ago. It shows making plaques, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same stuff. It has a time lapse video of the cuts and engraves.


I think it was probably the two layer acrylic from Rowmark. Silver over black.


So many materials to try on!

I’m gonna have so much fun :grinning:


Very neat idea (and I love his design!)


After seeing the artist who does the painting on acrylic layers, I can see using acrylic with foil, pour a layer, laser (with or without foil), pour a layer and continue until finished.

Plus, putting it on an LED base would light up a 3D sculpture.

I have really been immersed in the creative spaces a bit too much lately.


So much cool stuff out there