Weird behavior at start-up (new GF)?

As I mentioned in Received my Glowforge - timing, impression, and more , my new GF seems to have some odd behavior. During its start-up sequence, at some point it appears to suddenly lose power, as if a breaker tripped or something, but then a second or two later the lights come back on and it continues on its way. Is this supposed to happen?

Here’s a compressed video. In the audio you can hear the clicking (which I assume is normal – is it?). The light/power shut-down happens around 32 seconds in:

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the time. This startup was recorded Friday Dec. 29th around 12:40pm Pacific time (Seattle metro region).

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The clicking is normal, the power loss isn’t. Support will need to take a look at it. Sorry. :neutral_face:

Dang. I hope I don’t need to send it back in, because this is so heavy and awkward to move!

Is posting in this forum adequate, or should I also email support@GF?

This post just opened a ticket up. Email will open a separate ticket and likely slow the resolution down.



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I have actually experienced this exact same thing before as well. I would say I have had this happen 4-5 times over the weeks I haver had it. Honestly I assumed it was a reboot of some sort that was normal as I have never had an issue with my GF and the “power boot” was a super rare occurrence.
Now I am concerned.

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Hopefully we are about to find out.


I’ve had this two or three times as well. For me, it is always 4-5 seconds after turning it on. Kind of a double clutch coming up. Never any problem after that .


Never saw this on the PRU, but the clicking in the new unit is new to me also.

Yep mine also

This has always happened with mine as well. I assumed this was normal. Happens once about every 3 times I turn on the glowforge. It basically just restarts the calibration after it has the “blip”. It’s always at startup for me though.

This exact same thing happens with mine every single time I turn it on, the reboot I’m talking about. I also get the clicking but I think that’s normal.

Happens to my unit nearly every time I turn it on, just right after calibration and then flickers and recalibrates. Never causes a problem for me.

For mine, the intensity of the light changes during calibration, but I haven’t noticed it turning off.

Mine, too, but doesn’t seem to be an issue. Everything else works perfectly. Maybe it’s ‘not’ a glitch…

Do they reboot after a firmware update is complete?

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Twice, actually.


I see this every few days, 3-4 times total so far, the machine starts boot up and after a few seconds it goes lights out and restarts boot-up.

Anyone had an official reply from Staff saying that this is normal behavior or not? I haven’t emailed them directly yer as I was hoping they would answer it here first.

I have not heard anything yet. But considering that I first posted in the afternoon of Friday the 29th, I wasn’t really expecting anything until next Tuesday – I assume people are on holiday. Or do the staff often reply to posts in Problems & Support on the weekend?