What is the best setting for engraving 100% cotton

I want to know what would be the best setting for engraving on 100% cotton.

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There are numerous posts here in the forum regarding engraving on fabric. Here is one post that (near the end) gives settings. Using on fabric? - #3 by jbmanning5
As I am sure you are aware, cotton fabric varies from thin muslin to thick denim, so you are probably going to have to test for your own usage. The search tool in the forum is your friend.


I have also been playing around with lasering cotton, make sure you get a stickymat to keep the fabric straight and Taut (is that the right spelling?) also remember that it can catch on fire very quickly, so YOU MUST WATCH IT… (people recommend keeping a rag soaked in water nearby) good luck on your project, and please share successes and failures with us!


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Sorry these are from an older GFUI settings, but the test idea still is valid.

I have been slowly working on something that would go into all things fabric with the GF. But for now, main tips are:

  1. Use interfacing. I have not seen others use specifically interfacing but I think that it is getting used and just referred to as fusible backing. Which interfacing is but so are stabilizers, which come off the fabric.
  2. Use things like fray check post engraving
  3. Take into account the fabrics grainline
  4. To build your fabric profile/get sample fabrics then I recommend going to places like Joann fabrics and pillage through their baskets of remnants
  5. Stay away from any fabric with “embellished” in the name
  6. Fabrics that have 4 way stretch are more complicated and so I would make sure the use case is not one where the fabric is going to be strained a lot

I can give my recommended 100% cotton settings but just need to know more information on the weight of the cotton, if you plan to use things like interfacing, and what the material will be used for post engraving.

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