What materials from Inventables?

My ProofGrade materials arrived today (according to UPS - haven’t gotten home yet) and hopefully I’ll have my GlowForge Pro soon.

Any suggestions/recommendations on what to buy with the $50 Inventables gift code? Or even what not to buy there since price plus shipping means I should just go source it locally (New Jersey)?

No specific plans for the GlowForge at this point. Just me and some friends playing with it and seeing what it/we can do before we actually plan a full project.


I’m in Union NJ, btw. And my GlowForge Pro is arriving today/tomorrow (one box today, one tomorrow), which is no end of frustration since I need both the duct and the unit to make it work :stuck_out_tongue:

2 miles west of you

Purpleheart cuts harder, but comes out beautiful.
African Mahogany cuts nicely with Walnut Hardwood settings and looks stunning.


I got my box of materials today (having my boxes sent to my office so I can inspect them immediately) and I looked at what was included and thought to myself that if this is $150 worth of stuff then Inventables has a real racket going on! After 27ish months of waiting (ordered my basic on Oct. 22nd, 2015) it seems a bit feeble, I’m going to be very hesitant to use the stuff as replacement is going to be pricey and most of the items I make for sale are geared toward being made of more traditional 3mm Baltic Birch ply.

Whatever you get, do it soon. There’s a deal right now I think that if you buy $100 in materials in December you get a $100 gift card for January.

You’ll want to double check that it’s still on but it’s a pretty solid deal.

I got the dual color acrylic as non acrylic is harder to come buy. I spent $100 to get the free gift card deal. The $50 can be applied to it. I hope to try it soon but My machine won’t run as it’s too cold :persevere:

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FWIW, based on the current prices at shop.glowforge.com, its $125.50 worth of materials. I assume the other $24.50 is the value of shipping.

Thanks! I did see the $100 gift card offer. Definitely makes it more time critical to make a decision. Just hope shipping doesn’t eat up most of the savings.

I think shipping was $12 to the USA and $30 to Canada

I spent $124 total, minus the $50 gift code, shipped to the us for $8.71. This was for 13 different items, a mix of acrylics, wood, and one Corian. Pretty reasonable I think.

All numbers are USD.

My biggest problem now will be storing and organizing the materials. Might be time to hit ikea. I have an ALEX that I store paper in, it’s nice. Maybe get another.


Congrats on the delivery! Hope it works well.

I feel your pain. I had to scramble to create a whole new Maker shop in my basement when my garage proved too cold. Probably for the best, as the summer heat would also have been a challenge.
Look for alternatives!

I went with a mix of materials to try out. That way I have some stuff to play with and see if I get any ideas. Grab some acrylics (I would recommend getting some of the 2 color ones), get some anodized aluminum, some linoleum for stamps, and some woods and inlays. So, a little bit of everything.

Here’s a thread from awhile back where people posted what they got.


Thanks, everyone.

I ended up buying some Corian and Delrin, 31% transparent acrylic, mirror acrylic and a sheet of two-color HDPE. A little over $150 in materials plus about $10 shipping cost me a little over $100 after the gift certificate. And I should be able to buy another $100 worth next month with their promotion so I’ll be using that for the various woods that were suggested. Figure I would try with the wood GlowForge sent and some wood I already have first.

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Lucky for me it doesn’t get that cold where I live. The plan is to move into my home in the spring

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It says the $100 is to go toward a purchase of the X-Carve not materials :frowning:

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ooh happy dance! Guess it never hurts to ask :slight_smile:

Good to know. I put in a $100 order either way. Getting special acrylics for Star Wars Snowflake orders.