Wifi trouble

I am new to GF… .The machine had to go through a change of ownership which was successful but I am unable to connect to the Wifi. It connects but shows that the machine is offline. Please help. I am unable to use the machine. The previous owner had me added to her account before the change of ownership.

If there was a change of ownership, I believe that the Support team has to make a change on their end before you will be able to access the software. They will see this post and look into it for you.

Sit tight until you hear from them. :slightly_smiling_face:


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When you say that the machine connects to the internet, can you be a bit more specific. Did you run the setup app for your home wifi? If so, did you get all the way to the part where the app has confetti and says Success?

No I did not get to the confetti. It shows the glowforge wifi …when I click on it…it shows connected, offline?

I had to do a change of ownership. I am wondering if that has something to do it.

You need to get to the confetti to have a fully successful connection.
See if the video walkthrough in this post helps


Hey @dawnrjohnson01 This is Rae and I helped you in chat. I am going to close this thread since we have a ticket opened with you in chat. I already sent you a follow-up email so I look forward to hearing back from you there. Thank you!