WIll this Material ruin my Glowforge

Hi I came across this for another brand of laser cutter https://www.epiloglaser.com/resources/sample-club/applique-cutting-laser.htm
I am wondering if the same material even the metallic ones would work on the Glowforge if anyone could give me an answer that would be great. I have the Basic with the air filter.


Probably not? It’s PVC free, according to the site.

Some precedent using foils have been posted:

Might want to follow up with @bill_laba on this. Someone else posted another foil project recently but I can’t find it at the moment. This ought to get you started.


As long as there is no PVC in it, it should be fine. (Use a paper masking tape on the metallics if they don’t provide one, and make sure to only get the ones listed as Composition: PU.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much, Its weird that it works for the Epilog Laser so I assume it could work since it is a heat transfer vinyl I will deff put on a sheet or do it from behind so it can be cut easier with out damaging the laser.

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The MSDS shows no problems. If it works for another Laser, it should work for the GF. The only real question would be if it is material that requires more power than the GF can deliver.


Having used gold Laser Foil myself, I’m not convinced masking it is a good idea.

I’m no expert, but literally 100% of the videos I watched prior to using it used no masking. And I used no masking and got nothing short of excellent results.

If you wouldn’t mind telling us your thinking on this that might help me get where you’re coming from.

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Me? I don’t like to take chances that reflections from something highly metallic might damage the lens. Not worth it to cut some vinyl.

I wouldn’t cut it without masking of some kind, but that’s just me. (It might be that only metals would reflect the beam back…but I’m not going to take the chance on a $7000 piece of equipment.) :smile:

(Went and looked at the PU offerings at the site, and the metallics aren’t included anyway, so it’s not available.) :neutral_face:

The material in my post referenced is not heat transfer vinyl. Not made for clothes. I have tries HTV on the Glowforge. As other have said, most is not harmful, even though it’s commonly referred to as vinyl. Check with the supplier for specialty for more unique types.

I have used HTV in my Glowforge. I think that you could easily get the “kiss cut” they are dedscribe in the video. Then you would peel away the colored material, leaving the clear backing to hold the design together. This will work wellon a Glowforge.

I was trying to etch away the unwanted material to avoid the weeding of unwanted material and didn’t get a clean burn of all material. I haven’t tried it in awhile, so maybe the new power settings would allow for a clean engrave. Will have to try it again sometime.

As far as I know, laser safe material means it’s safe for any laser. The only real question is if a 40 watt CO2 laser is powerful enough to cut it. And yep, the GF would work fine on that material. If you get some, promise us you’ll share your results! :slight_smile:

Ah. I get ya.

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