Wont ingrave on .50 basswood placqes

i bought basswood plaques from hobby lobby and figured i could ingrave my family kids names on them. well my thinking is good but the machine wont ingrave or do anything cause i cant put in the thickness of the plaques and cant do anything until this happens. what im i doing wrong. ken krueger

You need to remove the honeycomb tray and put something underneath the plaques so that the surface to engrave is between 1.5" and 2" from the bottom of the Glowforge. Use the set focus tool and then place your artwork to engrave. If the plaques are less than 1/2" thick, you can leave the honeycomb tray in and use the set focus tool. You don’t need to enter a thickness.


Here’s a handy tool to help set the focus height for material when you remove the crumb tray. This is the mm/inch version, but full instructions are linked in this post.


Elfguy I will try that and let you know what happens. Thankyou for getting back so quickly. Ken Krueger. Kk.msn.com@live.com

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It was bound to happen. :smile:


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