3D Engraving as Proofgrade Prints get Prettier: 10/23/17 Latest Improvements


Testing the Four Scoring Options

Ahhh! super exciting! Lot of cool features in here!


I’m really excited about this. The design team has been testing Proofgrade materials for weeks to coax more beauty and performance out of them. I think you’re really going to like this. Once you try the new settings, please share your feedback!


All this is really good but have you squashed the size bug? Well I’ll know soon enough even if I don’t get an answer. I sure loved doing 8x10 portraits before the bug was introduced.


WOOO!!! Very Exciting!

Although, the only downside is you posted this right after I started an hour print. :expressionless:


I’m glad that the icons for light and dark standard engravings are gone and it’s just text, unless I’m missing something.

Will have to dig out a good file to test. I’ve got some Corian going right now and that would be cool to see a nice emboss for a cookie stamp.


Not seeing any of the new options. No 3D Engrave… No Photo…
Still rolling out? or…?

Additional: Logged out of then into the app. Lied and said I was using Thick Draftboard.


I’m not seeing the new options either. I was hoping to try it before I go to bed tonight.


Can corian be engraved, say 1/8" max depth


Came in to say the same thing!


Is there an ETA? I’ve tried logging out and back in and new/old projects with differing materials, not seeing anything new/different yet.


Draft Score — Use this option when you’re prototyping - the Draft score setting is faster, but it’s lighter in the middle and creates dark spots on corners.

This is so cool! I use light, fast scores to double-check placement (scoring the masking, not the material). Noticed the dark corners about an hour ago and wondered what was up… Not a bug, it’s a feature. :innocent:


Sure, you can engrave to a pretty good depth, 1/8" and more.


When they’ve rolled goings like ghost out before it took a day or two to propagate to all the people’s accounts. Not sure why that would be unless there’re individual :glowforge: settings that get altered too(or will be once they crank up individual the accuracy but they’ve got the back end already in place).


All Latest Improvements announcements are scheduled to take effect within a week.


Question: Will HQ Score and Draft Score replace the two current scoring options? I kind of like having two options that both look consistent and good but one being not as deep as the other. Will I be able to adjust HQ Score to different depths?


Nice, I can’t wait to try them! 3D engraving :grinning: :tada:


Yes, they will. That’s helpful feedback, thank you!


@dan @rita in the absence of these functions in the interface, can you give us a little better idea of what “Graphic” does? does it run an HQ score around the engrave? or does it engrave in a different manner? slight defocusing maybe? or a combination of both?


Can you give me some more context for this statement? I have no idea what it refers to.