50$ a month for premium?

seems like this is definitely a thing right now. there are a lot of expat californians moving to texas. i’ve heard about this from a bunch of different sources.

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All our married life my wife would refer to me as a furnace in bed because I liked a cool room to sleep in and she burrowed under a pile of blankets. Now that she is in that change of life moment it is exactly the opposite. She takes something called relzin which her ob/gyn recommended and she says it helps a lot. Just FYI

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Same in our house. :slight_smile:

Hello team,

I’m excited to be part of this community!

Just got my glowforge arriving in about a month :).

What are the current prices for the premium service?
I don’t think I would ever pay 50$ a month so do you know if they are they doing anything for new users? Or any promotions like first responders/ military I can submit for verification?

Thank you in advance and please to meet you all.


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I don’t know of a promotion going on right now, but if you keep an eye on the “Discover” section of the dashboard screen (app.glowforge.com) they usually announce things like that there.

It’s also a good idea to stay active here on the forum, because along with getting to mingle with all of the bright, beautiful, creative folks here, you’ll be able to stay on top of latest developments and what’s going on at GF headquarters. :slight_smile:


You are the best thank you!


Received another much lower price for premium monthly installment payments. If only there was a value to this service.

99 ready-to-print laser designs with more added every month, 2+ million vector graphics to use in your own designs, design tools in the app including over 900 fonts and generators for offsets/outlines and stamps, a versioned storage system that lets you roll back your designs to past versions, additional file formats and export options, and faster servers for processing your designs. It’s hard to argue none of this has value to anyone, whether it’s something you currently want to buy or not.


99 items that are Already available to purchase IF anyone actually wanted them. Not a value. Vector images that are free via Google, not a value. Fonts also free via Google, not a value. Online storage, well in my view as the software is held captive online this Should by default be included in the 6k purchase of this laser. Just my opinion…

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I pay $65/month (because I"m in Canada and the $50 is USD)…and I was never offered a discount when I first bought my Glowforge (Nov 2020) with a $14.00 rate. I’m questioning what I’m actually getting for my $65/month and why I wasn’t offered any discount rate to lock into???

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You should email support, or else post in the Problems and Support area, as either of those things will open a support ticket. Support doesn’t monitor this part of the forum, and the rest of us don’t know the answer to your question.

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The $14.99 Premium subscription rate ended on November 3, 2020, so you might have bought your machine after it had expired.

They do offer a discount occasionally (in December they offered half off with a coupon), so since you missed that one, you could cancel until they offer another special. (Be sure to read Dan’s announcements every month or so. ) You will miss any freebies along the way, but you might not be using the other functions now, and prefer to wait until they add more goodies to the software.

The Premium subscription is going to be a continually growing thing. Be aware that if you cancel your subscription, you are going to lose some functionality that is associated with it…like Text, Shapes, Offset, Stamps and Puzzles, as well as DXF and the free for commercial use designs.

(Or you might not lose DXF, that one might be grandfathered in at a later date. But you will be limited in storage to most recent 30 days worth of files, so check out the discussion threads for the announcements starting with September 2020…that one lists the Premium functions.)


Yeah. Oddly owner discounts are oddly a secret unless you complain about the Value of this paid subscription and refuse it then Bam they are emailing discounts to get your monthly useless contribution. And no those claiming it was only available in November are wrong. Just got this one via email when I refused to join the premium racket:
“While premium is usually $50 per month, we are now selling it in an annual subscription! Until the end of the month the annual (usually $600) is $249 and will renew at that price until you choose to cancel.”

Just skip it, nobody has yet to show Why this forever fee adds Any value.

“Secrets” are not usually published in the What’s New (which go out as emails to everybody unless you’ve turned those off)…

and posted to the Forum…


Then it seems odd so many post never seeing these offers then no? I know I never received any at purchase. Also note that Some people buy these machines to make parts no to hang out on a forum so maybe a different channel of communication may be in order. Say maybe their website? Example; several (in the know) responded that offer expired in November when it Clearly hasn’t. Maybe there’s another secret forum link even members are missing lol.

They were talking about a prior offers, because there have been several. You stated that you got this offer because you were unhappy:

That was incorrect and I linked to that exact offer being available to everyone, literally off the website, and commented that it was also posted on the forum by a staff member.

Look - I get that you aren’t happy, but stop posting blatant falsehoods so nobody has point out your errors in order to assure that the information on this forum is at least close to accurate for other users.


Well done the March ad is cheaper then the January ad. At this rate it should be 10$ by November which might be close to its actual value. Lol

Any new coupons


I bugs me too. I own a cricut maker and the subscription is a little over $100 a year for the premium for that. but if you do not sign up you still get basicly everything you get with with glowforge premium. It makes me question why a machime that I paid 7 grand for costs me around $600 a year to use the extras that are included in a $200 cricut cutter. and more people use the cricut cutter because of the price point, so you cant says its to help cover the server cost because cricut is able to do it without issues with way more customers. Just doesnt make sense.

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