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I’m experimenting with acrylic and wonder if anyone knows how to compensate for the cut? When you are going to insert a cutout into another opening, as shown in the picture. Just so it fits more accurate.

Since the topic was closed, I just wanna thank you all for your replies. It was very helpful.


I think what you’re asking for is related to Kerf. There are multiple topics related to this on the forum, but here are a couple to get you started:


I do plug-ins like that all the time.

The formula is: Make the enclosing shape 1/2 kerf smaller, and all inner shapes 1/2 kerf larger.

For 1/8" acrylic, the kerf value is .007 - .008.

For a project with just one shape plugged in, you could just cut the inner piece +.007 - +.008 bigger. You don’t have to modify both parts. But if you are doing multiple plugged-in pieces touching each other, you will need to modify all parts.

Use the Offset Path function to adjust sizes.

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