Ancillary Mode Dial

A few days ago I posted images of my escutcheon that adds customizable job modes to your Glowforge: Ancillary Mode (an escutcheon)


As promised, here are the design files (broken up for simplicity) and instructions. Many thanks to @geek2nurse for vetting things despite a hectic schedule! (176.5 KB)

It uses 8 small magnets (the specific ones I used are in the instructions), but you could probably get by cutting your own 1/8" diameter cylindrical spacers out of 1/8" thick material, at least until your magnets arrive.

I’d love to see your versions and revisions… Post 'em!

… Updated instructions, had mistakenly called out the wrong thickness PG materials. Sorry if that bit anyone! Thanks @PrintToLaser!


That was awesome of you to post the files. And a really cool project - like everyone said, you win the eschutcheon award :grinning:


Thank you so much for sharing that killer design! :star_struck::sunglasses:!!


I haven’t made an eschutcheon … as I didn’t feel I needed one. But … who doesn’t need gears? Thank you so very much for sharing your work!


Still unbelievably awesome! Thanks for sharing the design! :grinning:


SAWEEEEETTT!!! I know what I’m doing the rest of the day…


This is so awesome. Very kind of you to share the files. Normally I modify designs to make them better (to my mind anyway), but I can’t think of anything to change. This is PERFECT!


I think it is time to put my Stargate to rest and make an ancillary mode dial. Although I think I will put an “11” on one of the modes.



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That is pretty AWESOME! :sunglasses:

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Are those proofgrade plys 1/4 or 1/8?

1/8"… Woops, need to fix that in the PDF! (Fixed. This time I left instructions as their own link in case any other edits are needed.)

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Oh thank you!!! I’ve been looking for the files and hoping you didn’t forget. You are so generous to share the design with us.


I was so excited about this that I was a little late to a dinner appointment to a Korean bbq.


The only heads up I have for everybody is that if you open the PDF for the ring with words in an internet browser then they don’t print right onto paper, but printing it through Illustrator worked for me.

In any case, just ordered the magnets and will throw it together when they arrive! Thanks again, seriously so cool.


That’s so strange… I fixed bulgogi for dinner last night, first time I’ve ever attempted it. Quantum entanglement setting?


Wow! It must be quantum entaglent indeed!

Thank you! I’ve been in a Glowforge idea slump for the last two weeks but this has me excited again.

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Thank you so much :smiley:

Thank you. Now I have to print and install this one.

Here’s my version:


I’m still waiting on magnets, but I had to try it out: mine required a pinch of sanding to fit over the button trim. Also not happy with the font I used on the dial, but that will be an easy fix (engraved card-stock, rather than registering a print-out).
Also, I had trouble with the card stock backer staying in the acrylic, so I cut one from black vinyl with my plotter.

:proofgrade: ply with rub-n-buff color