Blurry Camera



So, yes… I’ll report this. But I also want to know from fellow users if this is currently normal…

Stuck in a sheet of 1/8" Medium Clear Acrylic. The camera is so blurry it can’t even detect the material. Is that typical?

Glowforge can't read QR code. Too blurry
Camera Alignment

Have you cleaned the camera lens? If it worked before, it just might be covered with debris from cutting/engraving.


Have had it happen but not often and of course am using a Pre-Release made before many of the QA improvements. Try refreshing the bed image. The unit seems to pick up the QR code reasonably well even at the blurry edges.


How many hours have you used the Glowforge? Lots of smoke? Possible lid camera occlusion.

Also move the material about a 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the tray and see if it changes. If it doesn’t register the QR code, the focus is blurry because from the code it gets thickness.


@rpegg beat me to the cleaning thing, no, this is not normal, even with a slightly dirty camera lens focus should be good.


I haven’t yet cleaned it. But, heck… I’ve only had the thing for two weeks. I’ve only put in a few hours into it really. It looks okay as I’m looking at it, but I’ll give it a clean.

As to if it worked before… I never had a sticker that far in the corner. The wood is smaller. However I rarely got it to read the tag before because its own lights reflect too much off of it.

I’ll give that a try. I did try manually telling it my thickness thinking it would refocus, but it didn’t change.

@rpegg beat me to the cleaning thing, no, this is not normal, even with a slightly dirty camera lens focus should be good.

Alright… I’ll report back shortly…



So in my PRU it was so blurry originally as to be unusable, and eventually I turned the focus knob to make it clear.


There’s a focus knob, he asks inquisitively?


Wouldn’t advise this anymore. Apparently they are gluing the focus ring in the new units. Might require a return to get it fixed if it snaps.


Well then… Guess who’s not messing with the focus ring. :slight_smile:


Moved the QR code up a couple inches and closer to the center a little and still no luck.


So I stuck a piece of Maple in. Pretty much in the middle. And it was still a bit blurry, but it detected. Now, since I’ve only used :proofgrade: Maple so far, this may be how it’s been from the start and I just never noticed because I’ve dropped the Maple in close to center every time.

I think I’m okay. But I also think I need to report this.


I had some sheets of ProofGrade that didn’t seem to register. Have you tried other materials? This the only one that doesn’t register? Do you have another sheet of the Medium Clear Acrylic to try? Have you turned off the Glowforge and then back on again?

The last image you posted looks pretty clear to me, but then again, I’m used to blurry!

Whoops. Never mind. See that you tested something else. Yes. try a couple different materials and see. I know you were concerned about a clearer picture. It’s hard to tell what it is supposed to look like!


I have noticed the new PG labels are WAY shinier than the old ones, and the camera can’t see through the glare when off center. I can put an old PG and a new PG of the same type, old reads and new doesn’t.


So yeah… I think it’s just that the acrylic takes up the entire bed. I’m not worried about the picking up the QR code… I’m worried how the camera blur could affect my runs. Which, I don’t think it has so far. Could certainly affect trace a lot though if it’s a large trace.


My PRU won’t read it in the lower left corner like that. But I have some lens distortion that shows down in that corner (but not reaching all the way up to the material - just on the bed). That seems to be a GF Support issue. Either shiny label or hardware (I’d bet on the label considering they did a fair amount of burn-in testing at the factory it wouldn’t seem like they’d miss something that significant).


Now reported. :slight_smile:


Mines pretty bad too. I reported it already but there’s one for comparison


I can’t say I feel better, but yours appears worse than mine. Maybe it doesn’t affect much of anything really. Everything I’ve done has been to my satisfaction. Of course, when we get to do double-sided cuts, this could be a huge deal.


Hasn’t slowed me down any. But I’ve been doing most of my alignment in Inkscape before it even gets to the ui