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So @smcgathyfay was I guess getting too smart looking at my earlier post this evening. so let’s bring that puppy back down and get the p-a-r-t-a-y started!!!..

Power 15%/350. No, I actually learned a whole bunch. If the top is too close to the lens (closer than 0.4") it stops and a purple light comes on.

I also learned that guacamole is highly variable, and the tub before this one (when I was getting settings down) was way more consistent and the sombrero was perfect, while the text was not there. Here I used the best settings from the first, and as you can see the “De” burned and the left side of the hat brim is different from the right. That’s as far as I can tell related to a chunk of avocado in those locations… I would strongly recommend a thick bold font (e.g. Arial Black)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 6th, 2017

You’re having way too much silly fun!!


That’s why the GF was made, or not?


You will be holding something, look at the GlowForge, look back at the thing, look back at the GlowForge and so it begins…


I’m not as fearless as you! Though I’ll admit to the looking back and forth and wondering part… a lot.


When they get the PRU back, I can see @Rita going, “why does this unit smell of garlic, avocados and burnt corn?” :grin:


You filed a bug, right? :slight_smile:


Very true!!
Can’t wait to have silly fun too!!


Comically, yes. I figured Rita needed a laugh (not the purple, that I assumed was safety behavior as I didn’t have my height correct the first time) but that it doesn’t cut guacamole consistently


AFAIK it should not have done that, so I hope you did file a bug. (It’s also possible it’s a by-design behavior I don’t know about, but if so, it should be documented).




Bwahahaha…you definitly deliver! Still pretty cool though…


I am so waiting for the “Will it Forge” channel.


I’ve been thinking that too!


well said, sir


It looks like you found the “Hey, don’t waste perfectly good guacamole!” warning light. I wonder why the avocado sensor isn’t detecting the guacamole from farther away. You should probably file a bug report on that. :wink:


It’s obvious actually… it was a purple light. That was the eggplant detector, not the guacamole detector. Sounds like a GF malfunction and it was definitely worthy of a bug :wink:

And since it’s the internet: It was a joke people, I’m sure the as shipped GF guacamole sensor will work as designed.


Oh crap, I did set the cut operation to Baba Ganoush… That explains so much…


The final version used at dinner tonight. Actually the burns parts actually taste mildly burned but basically like in a fajita

Laser all the Food?