Dire need of a Crumb Tray

How often does the Crumb Tray get restocked on the website? I was given a used unit that didn’t have a crumb tray for some odd reason.

Honestly no idea! That’s not an item folks often need. If you go to the page you can have them send you an email when it is available. In the meantime, you can use other items to bring things up to cutting level so you’re not dead in the water without a crumbtray.

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I have a crumb tray on ebay.

You might want to check with support (posting here has opened a ticket) on verifying that unit isn’t stolen. If so, you won’t be able to get it working (it won’t hook up to the cloud print service.)

They are shipped separately, so a missing crumb tray is a big indication it may have been stolen in shipment.


The unit isn’t stolen. A friend donated their Glowforge to my shop and explained that her husband threw away the crumb tray because he didn’t know what it was after years of the Glowforge just sitting around not being used. It was a clean transfer of ownership but now I am in need of a crumb tray and it seems that its been out of stock for awhile


You can make a substitute to use while you wait for the official crumb tray to get back in stock if Support can’t scare one up for you.

You just need something that will hold your material up so the top is within 1/2" of the lens just like you’d do if you were lasering some thick material.

A couple of 1 by X boards stacked will be 1.5" which as long as you use Set Focus and don’t rely on the PG settings will work fine for all materials including PG. (The stock crumb tray is about 1.35 to 1.4" from the bottom of the machine.)

Alternatively you could try some other combination of material, perhaps including a ceramic tile that you could build up to near 1.4/1.5" that would be “laser proof” and not have you sacrificing your support material with it getting lasered every time you cut something.

You could also get a honeycomb bed that will fit inside (this one for instance:

and sit it on top of some supports to get to 1.4" and laser away.

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They might be able to locate one for you from the repair facility… can’t hurt to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s good!

I can’t imagine why they even have them in the store, it’s not a part that breaks or wears out. As stated, they might be able to source a used one from a machine that was irreparable (although you don’t send them back with the machine.)

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This can be helpful working without a crumb tray to be sure your work is within focus range.

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I’m sorry that we don’t have the crumb tray in stock! Due to a combination of challenges with inventory due to COVID-19 and unprecedented demand, we’ve had a hard time keeping materials in stock.

Though I know my colleagues are working hard to replenish, I don’t have any information about when the crumb tray will be available. You can sign up to be notified when we have them by clicking “Email Me When Available” on the page for a crumb tray at shop.glowforge.com.