Dye leather before cutting?

Hello! I’m a newbie in leather stuffs. I’ve been making some earrings lately where I’ll cut/score veg tanned leather then dye it afterward. My question is - Could I just dye the whole piece of leather first and then cut it in the Glowforge? I’m using water base stains mostly. I’m not sure if that’s ok for the machine. Anyone know? It would make for more uniform pieces IMO and would save me some time of dying each individual earring. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for posting. I tried printing before and after on leather last night. I like the look of after with masking. Now I have all these posts to read for more information. :o)

I dye my earrings before cutting so I can get a consistent pattern. I’ve also played with soaking them in water before cutting. It helps with smoke but can raise the edges some as the water boils.