EVA Foam Settings for Cosplay Projects


Hi, all -

I recently posted a cosplay project, using the Glowforge to both engrave and cut EVA foam, to recreate M’Baku’s armor from the Black Panther film (you can see the post over in Made on a Glowforge here: Cosplay Armor: Black Panther’s M’Baku).

I was asked to post the GF settings I used for the EVA tiles and craft foam. As always, YMMV.

Note: I am using a GF Plus machine.

Amazon Tiles/TNT Cosplay 4-6mm/Harbor Freight ROLLS**
Cut Settings
Speed 275
Power 100
Passes 2

Note: Most recent Harbor Freight anti-fatigue tiles are labeled neoprene, which is not GF safe. However, the rolls still say EVA. Always check the labels!

Vector Engrave Settings
Speed 1000
Power 60
Passes 1
LPI 125

Foamies or Other 2-3mm craft foam
Speed 275
Power 80
Passes 1



@T_Dub = awesome!! Thank you for the tips and settings!!



Thank you for settings.

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Thanks so much for sharing the settings! i was wondering about eva foam & if it was too toxic to use, but obviously after hearing your report im excited to put this to work!

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Thanks! I am going to go back and try with multiple passes. I’ve been playing with 6mm EVA, and 200/100 doesn’t quite cut through. But 200/full makes an enormous kerf and still doesn’t quite cut. I think that the stuff is melting into a dense layer at the bottom of the kerf.

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Are you using a Basic or Plus/Pro? I’ll revise my post to indicate I’m using a Plus. Not sure if that’s a significant difference, but…

Does the material you are using have a sealed/patterned back? Might wanna try cutting with the design side up, so the already previously melted side is cut first. You may have to reverse your design.



Power differences between models should only matter for full power. 0-100 should be the same on all models.

You might be able to adjust for the kerf if it is consistent. E.g.,:

For all the EVA I have cut so far, the sizing hasn’t been critical.

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I’m on a Basic, just cutting little circles in 6mm foam to try and get things dialed in. I sure was surprised at the difference in kerf between 100 and Full – might post some pictures when I’m back there.



Thank you @T_Dub !! You just saved me! I bought the Harbor Freight pads thinking they were EVA and I almost lasered them…
I was looking for EVA settings and found this very useful post!

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Thanks, this was very helpful as a starting point for 10mm EVA foam with the Basic.
First try was
Speed 275
Power 100
Passes 3
This cut through, but melted the under edge and left it undesirable.

Speed 275
Power 100
Passes 2
This cut through mostly, but several places had to be finish cut with a knife.

Speed 325
Power 100
Passes 3
This cut through, and left the lower edge mostly intact on 10mm EVA. I think theres a sweet spot with lower power 80? with 3 passes at the 275 - 300 speed.



Thanks for your post and your cosplay of M’Baku is beautiful.

I have done some work with EVA but haven’t started using the GF on it yet. I’m currently working on Ghost from Ant-Man and the Wasp movie and cutting the thin 2mm EVA will all be done on my GF. Wish me luck. I’m nervous.

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Continuing the discussion from EVA Foam Settings for Cosplay Projects:

Hey, thanks for these settings. I just used these on my Pro to cut and engrave these sword hilts. Came out way better than I expected. So many possibilities from here!



Hey man, awesome job on your armor, I recently purchased a forge and made my first EVA cut last night using your settings for the 4mm-6mm harbor freight rolls. I went with one pass and it was almost perfect. Thanks!

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You’re more than welcome!



These look great! (Did I see these in Foam Fanatics or Prop Tarts?) I’ve had a Rule 63 Heimdall sitting around for ages. The detail here makes me really want to restart Hofund. Please post your updates!



Wishing you luck and would love to talk to you about that build. I have a few fabric plus EVA projects in mind, but I’m worried about affixing the foam. Are you going that route ? If so, I’d love to hear your plans :slight_smile:



Uhh, I don’t know, what are those?

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Hi T_Dub,

This thread has me inspired to use my Glowforge cosplay for my son. Could you share the link to what you buy?


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I usually just buy Foamies at JoAnn’s/Hobby Lobby or cut down big sheets from TNT cosplay supply.

If you must buy from Harbor Freight, you can use the ROLLS, not the tiles. Always check the label of anything you buy there, as they change suppliers on the fly. I tend not to buy the rolls as quality can be iffy, sometimes its all smooth and even, others the thickness is inconsistent and there are pockmarks/air bubbles. YMMV.

Also, you want to avoid anything that says it has antibacterial chemicals/properties (i.e., some of the gym mats, kids play mats) as adhesives tend not to adhere as well.

Have fun!!!



I’ll second the recommendation for TNT Cosplay. They’ve been great.

Also, they will provide samples sufficient for running small tests at no charge.