Fabric on wood

Is it possible to paste fabric on MDF and then laser cut it? Would I need to mask the fabric?
Has anyone done this?
Thank you!

Yes. Just be sure that the fabric is laser safe (no PVC leathers or fabrics).

I think @shogun may have cut the fabric separately:

Aha here you go:

and here:

There are more threads too, I searched the forum for “fabric glue wood”, like this:



I haven’t read the search results posted above, but masking is always a personal choice. If you’re going to seal the fabric with mod podge or the like, you probably don’t need to mask as soot will wipe off. If not, I would think it would be very difficult to get soot out of fabric. That said, make sure the masking is well burnished - you don’t want it peeling up while you’re cutting.

Do you have a maker space in your area with a laser? I would want to try laser cutting the material on some kind of laser before buying one for that task. A laser cutter is rarely the type of equipment a commercial company reaches for when it needs to cut fabric. You might not like the burned edges, or some other aspect of the cut-by-fire result.

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