If I gave you a week you couldn’t guess what this is


(Probably. You guys are clever.)


a new crumb tray?


infinity mirror!


I wish! Thinner crumb tray would rule. Making it out of mdf, though… probably not ideal :slight_smile:


No mirrors were harmed in the making of this project.


This looks like the inside chamber of a vacuum former to me?




Sanding table

Experimenting with thin finger joints

Inside of an air hockey table.


Is it soup? I bet it’s soup.




Holy crap Tom, you’re a wizard! It’s a sanding table! :slight_smile:

Sliding Relief vent on the end, if I’m blocking too many holes:


I vote for this. Much more exciting than a sanding table! :wink: You could even put a little mini-balrog in there.


Are there tabs cut into the bottom for the supports inside? Nothing is showing on the top. There must be a dust port for a vacuum on the side somewhere?

I am going to have to make something like this. Great Idea!!


Yeah tabs. Here’s the bottom:

The support towers were placed so they wouldn’t block any of the holes in the top. There’s no room for error but as it happens the Glowforge is stupid-accurate, so it fit perfectly.

Support towers are necessary so the vacuum doesn’t collapse the box, and to just give you a solid base on which to push down while sanding.

Mid assembly:

And the port where the vacuum plugs in (where the original picture was taken):

No glue on any of it, tight tabs and pegs. Very sturdy. Non pg 1/8th MDF.

Practical Project: Lighted Polishing Station

Super… Thanks for the pictures.


Haha! I built a 4’x4’ one that I love so I recognized it. They are a great addition! Yours looks awesome.


Ah. I wish I had that kind of room!


This is awesome.


Parking garage! It’s a parking garage.