KERF and Proofgrade Materials

Super frustrated. Designed a file for a box. Cut it from PG Thick Cherry - it worked great. Cut it from PG Thick Maple and it’s too tight to insert the tabs into the cut outs. The materials are nearly identical in thickness. The only thing I can figure is the Kerf on the Maple is less than that of the Cherry. Is there anywhere we can see the Kerf for materials (estimated of course - I know thickness will vary). Any other thoughts, tips, or suggestions?

A slight sanding will help those tabs to fit in. (Also, sometimes turning the parts around allow them to fit with a slight tapping on a tapping block.)


Ah! Yes. I totally forgot about turning the part around because of the way the laser beam cuts. I think I might be able to get to work with a little sanding. Thanks!

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Materials that are of equal thickness should result in very similar kerf, but you said they were nearly identical which is the issue. Kerf is determined by material, speed and power. Any number of factors could have interacted to make the tabs too tight on the maple. Sandpaper can be your friend, but so is testing. It is vital that you input precise thickness into box generators, and it is important to test a a tab or two to determine if this fit will work.


Thank you!

Cut some kerf gauges, one out of each material. Then mate the two pieces to figure out what kerf adjustment you need in each material.

Like these:


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