Knife Block Reworked



Okay changed the shape of the box up a little, cleaned up the inlay and widened the spacing where it needed it for the bird and the stripes to make them pop a little more…I like this one a lot better with those reeds. The other one was just a hair too short, and I didn’t like the front.

Passthrough Project - Plastic Wrap Dispenser Box
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

You could modify the file slightly to allow the front panel to slide in and out. Then swap it out on a whim.

Would be tricky getting the sliding part set up just right. I am imagining using a veneer that is solid glued on top of a 1/4" piece of wood that has a nice big U channel cut out.

Then whenever you want a new image, remove the knives, lay it on the backside (so the sticks don’t fall out) slide off the old and slide on the new.


Chuckle! Speaking of the sticks falling out…you do not want to drop them.

(Played a little game of 500 sticks pick-up last night.) :rolling_eyes:


I am sure at some point a guest will be impressed by it, and pick the thing up to look at the bottom to see who made it and how much it costs…


I hope not… :laughing:


On my phone I can’t see a difference but the old one was so beautiful it’s hard to imagine it any better! I’ll have to take a peek when I’ve got a bigger screen.

Now you’ve got a ready made gift (the old one)!


Oh hey, you just gave me an idea: we all need to be designing our own logos so we can be ready to mark our items with our maker’s mark. They might end up being collectibles!


Not good enough to gift with. (I’ll use it to hold little wood scraps or something in the study.)


Your standards are super high!


It’s beautiful. I like it a lot. Where did you get the “reeds” from for the inside?


I ordered a big batch (two actually) from


Not really…but I built the prototype interior box out of cheap stuff to cut down on costs if it didn’t work. (Fine for me, but not for gifting.)

I used PG on the final box.


That’s even more beautifuller! Some exacting work there. Thanks for the inspiration.


One good thing from the rework…I got darned near the exact engrave settings for the cherry to fit the veneer in flush. (Almost completely flat. Would have been completely flat if I’d cleaned out the buildup a little.) :grinning:

(I’m going to have to start a list and manage to not lose it.)


I’ve been working on getting engraving in the maple plywood to be able to slide two pieces together and overlap to the thickness of the material. This is a potential for box lids and things. It’s been fun today with all the changes in GFUI and settings.

I need to quit messing around and get some finished pieces ready. Inlay letters for Scrabble tiles is the next project and getting the whole board made up just using the Glowforge.


Your universal knife block adventures inspired me @jules . So I did a diy google search and found this write up.

I think you complained in your other post about your sticks being all lengths, maybe with skewers it will be easier. Another project for myself this summer…


I can’t wait to see this! (I’m a real Scrabble hound.) :grinning:

Well, there you go! I should have thought of skewers. (Could have gotten by with a lot fewer of them - the reeds are only about 2.5 mm diameter, IIRC.) :+1:


it’s beautiful!


Thank you kindly! :relaxed:


This is absolutely stunning!