Need assistance with a design

My Grand Daughter is into Furries and is making different Fur Suits.
I have seen on Pintrest ideas that people have used GF to cut materials for suits and masks.
Does anyone in this forum do this? If so could you assist me in this venture?
I think this is something I can grow closer to my Grand-daughter with.

“Free laser designs” is for sharing designs you have created with the community. I have moved this to an appropriate forum.

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Lots of cosplayers on here! Mostly it’s bits of costumes, since the average cosplay costume will have sewn parts, and glued parts, and sometimes welded parts - not all of which can be done on the :glowforge: :slight_smile:
For example, it cuts through craft foam like butter!

Do you have any ideas for something specific, or are you looking for ideas?

Here are some designs to check out:

Do a search for costume or cosplay and you’ll see many more :smiley:

If you have an idea of something you’d like to do, post about it. I’m sure folks would be willing to help guide you - but a lot of things would be easier to do in person than over the app so you might have better luck finding someone local, or even better, getting your grand daughter involved from the start!


Thank you so much for your assistance.
Basically we would cut the EVA on GF to make the mold.
Then add the outer elements.

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Beautiful suit - and pretty kitten :slight_smile:

So yes, the :glowforge: does a fabulous job on EVA. You can do a search for it and find other instances, but this may come in handy: EVA Foam Settings for Cosplay Projects. Obviously you’ll want to run some tests on the material you’re actually using (after you’ve confirmed it’s laser safe and has no chlorine or vinyl in it). EVA tends to pull back ever so slightly from the cut - so if you want something that’s actually 1" square, you’ll cut your design to 1.025" square (you’ll know that specific number after you’ve run your tests). You’ll see discussions on here about kerf - which is the amount of material the laser evaporates - this is similar.

I generally find the easiest way to do it is to hand sketch the basic shape you want - then scan that into your computer - then use your graphics program (I use Inkscape) to draw a “perfect” line for the :glowforge: to cut. Things like the eyes and paws you can do one and then flip over for the other side - while things like claws you can use a single claw and cut it out 16 times.

Another bonus is once you have a piece that (for example) fits your hand - then if you want to do a completely different suit you can still start with that as the base since you know it fits!


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