Pre-Release: Cat on a shelf - Part Duex


Add on project (2 cat perches are done, awaiting final sand/finish) and of course you need some way for the cats to get to the perches and between them, so “cat steps” are needed.

This one again was done in OnShape with the LaserJoint Featurescript (sized to fit behind the doors) and decided given their small size they needed a surface a cat could grip so played with AI patterns to make it grippy (hence the tutorial).

Awaits sanding and the same finish as the primary shelves (and a whole bunch more of these).

Pre Release: Cat Shelf is Live
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017
Pre-Release: @Ian's Tray Puzzle 1 (Take 1)

Beautiful as always!


That’s gonna be some totally spoiled kitties! :relaxed:


I had no idea the shelves were for real cats, i thought they were for ornaments! :open_mouth:


Meeeeeeeeeow! Nice! Just curious, is OnShape your favorite software for this type if stuff? I am trying to get ahead before my GF arrives. It sounds like AI or Inkscape is a fine starting point. Thoughts?


Oh yeah, this is at the animal hospital where my wife is the medical director.


Aha! Didn’t realise it was an animal hospital either - I thought it was maybe for a children’s ward! :smiley:


I just love that you are going to all this effort for the kitties!


My wife and I joke we will open the total mammalian clinic. Our team Bike Jerseys are “Team Total Mammalian” and on the back it reads “If it makes milk, we can fix it” (long before medical school I was one of her surgical techs to get clinical experience)


*Almonds not included.


me too! My kitty is now 17.5 yrs old, so she’s not jumping onto shelves anymore, but I’m considering building her some ramps and/or stairs when the GF comes.

I LOVE the cut-out paw on the bracket. :smile_cat: :+1:


My 20 year has recently started to sleep at me feet (or where ever I am at) like a puppy dog…

She makes it hard to move the feet or stretch out the legs :smirk:


Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing!


There is no such thing as almond milk. That is a marketing lie.
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Gray water just doesn’t sound as appealing.
(Not much of a fan either way…I prefer to eat them.)


They must have used a really tiny stool!



I find that Inkscape can do pretty much everything I want to accomplish in designing constructions. I’m very happy with the things I’ve produced. It is excellent for many reasons, especially for text work or decorations of surfaces.

However, as I make a design and want to use a different material, it takes tweaking for different dimensions. That is a pain.

OnShape is pretty cool. The cloud based software is always there at whatever computer I end up on, wherever I am. I have done only one project so far in it, but made many different versions of it with many different materials and sizes and only had to change four variables. It’s magic.


The other key thing if you work as a team, is that OnShape is team oriented. Just like in google docs where the whole team can simultaneously be working on the same document live, the same is true in OnShape. I often do this where I am in the OR measuring something, while my students in the lab are working on other parts of the design, and we each see each other’s work live.


Made some progress tonight!

Tray puzzle 1