Really dislike how support locks support threads

@dan @Rita I really dislike how you guys close support threads when an answer is given. This blocks people from asking for a clarification or a followup question, for example my thread yesterday: Glowforge app taking 15-30 min to render files

The answer while helpful doesn’t resolve the overall problem and is the equivalent of saying “Do This” and hanging up the phone.

Please stop locking threads unless the OP acknowledges their problem has been solved.


I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Having done product support in forums, in my experience that’s just a recipe for a bunch of no response threads because people are appear to be inexplicably unlikely to come back and confirm the workaround/solution works. Yes, you can work around this with a bot that closes the threads after a certain time, but then you need to have another status to monitor and discourse is a third party service, so more software to write, sigh…

Since it easy to open a new thread quoting an old thread, I’d hate to see the solution be that the end of every yellow post having to add, “if this doesn’t resolve your issue, please open a thread” since I hope people can figure that out on their own.

So perhaps they’ll take your suggestion, but I wanted to go on record as preferring it the way it is. I apologize for being disagreeable since you dislike it so much and perhaps I wouldn’t dislike a bunch unresolved threads littering the problems category as much as you dislike having your thread closed, but maybe.


There is probably a better middle ground, though. Many threads do get closed prematurely


Ditto. I do understand the frustration of having to start a new thread for further clarification, and it’s a legit gripe. But I think that closing support threads and marking them as solved is helpful for others who may have the same question … especially if querent #2 is not familiar with navigating the forum.

Plus, we have a way of going off on tangents here. Might be good to leave P&S category with a clear, simple problem/solution format.


With you on this @drea and @markwal.

When the new P & S system was implemented i was vocally against it but it took only a short time to understand how it is supposed to work and why it is superior to what i wanted.

If i might suggest, if you want Answers of a yes/ no/ maybe nature from people who are the most qualified to give that sort of answer then post in Problems and Support.
If you want ideas/ discussions/ workarounds then post in Everything Else or Beyond the Manual


“We’ve fixed your issue, bye” is the tech support equivalent of an obscene hand gesture, in my opinion.


I understand why you suggest this, but it doesn’t work if you are asking for an official answer.

I would suggest that the nature of the Problems and Support page is to:

  1. Give simple answers to simple problems = closed ticket
  2. To listen and hopperise new ideas and workarounds = closed ticket
  3. To identify major issues that need more investigation, usually they will be privately dealt with until resolution = closed ticket but open active line of communication.

Like any other business Glowforge want the ability to track ongoing unresolved problems and the current structure of Problems & Support allows for this

There is nothing stopping you posting your Problem in this section for official examination and also in another section for community input.


It doesn’t appear you’re an owner. Please find another place to complain.

That’s an unnecessary duplication of effort. I don’t know any other customer support forum that closes topics without confirmation from the OP that their problem is resolved or the topic was abandoned.

I have to disagree with this, because if they prematurely close a topic they simply don’t know if it is unresolved. They know that they have answered it, but without an acknowledge from the OP there is no way of confirming it is resolved


Before i posted this i looked over a selection of the locked threads in the Problems and Support section, they were all closed due to:

  1. a problem resolution (usually from Glowforge end)
  2. the problem disappearing (i.e. “my Glowforge don’t work, oh, found the power cord - all good” i.e user error or user inexperience)
  3. This is something we cannot fix for now, an announcement will be made when we can (for software updates, ideas or non-delivered functionality).

In cases where the thread is locked without resolution they explained what (mostly in case #3 above)

Now maybe i got lucky and randomly chose a bunch of ones that fit my understanding of how the section works… if you can post links to a number of threads that were closed without resolution or explanation then i might be more inclined to see your point of view


I know for a fact I’ve been following a post that was a “part 2” where the person reposted specifically because support had prematurely closed her topic with a “try this…click” type answer


Most, maybe not all, of the P&S posts folks thought were closed prematurely were because the OP just didn’t like the answer or others wanted to discuss further. Not because the problem was still there.


A link would help

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I think this is the thread you’re referring to:

I guess I’m sort of middle-ground on this. It does seem like support closes these tickets a little too quickly sometimes, but I certainly appreciate the fact that the thread almost always stays on topic and doesn’t evolve into a thread about unicorns (although I can appreciate a good unicorn thread). For what it’s worth, this is the only time I can remember someone opening up a second thread about the same problem.


Yeah, sorry. I’m new to linking threads and couldn’t figure out how (another reason I’m not too keen on “just link to the original” idea if you need to open another ticket). I do appreciate having the tickets closed, but I also think that they do close them as soon as they answer rather than after a reasonable amount of time. In my experience, if a solution is given and marked as “resolved” it should be tested. Clearly this “resolved” isn’t actually resolved, so having it closed just adds to confusion for me

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Are you a detective?

I have a case for you: how am I a member of this forum if I’m not an “owner”?

Also, in case you didn’t notice, my post was referencing the attitude that is portrayed when threads are closed prematurely. In other words, it was an attempt to bolster your proposition, not to oppose it.


Yeah… still not appropriate. So whatever side you’re on, maybe try to say it more politely?



It doesn’t say owner next to your name.

Exhibit 1

There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and your post. I have an issue, I posted a well thought out post explaining the problem, and an example of why I considered it wrong.

You posted…

While I appreciate the support, random bashing is not contributing to the dialog.

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