Reintroduce original upgrade discount?

Since we are being slid to the right another 6+ months, is there any opportunity for original backers to get the upgrade option at a discount again? I’m on the fence between holding out and going with a competitor laser, as is a few others im sure. Having the opportunity to receive the discounted price may keep me in line still frothing at the lips. I have only recently been researching other lasers and now understand more thoroughly how an increased wattage and cooling will extend life and shorten the speed of a cut.

Here’s to hope.

The official response has been:


I think this would probably upset a lot of the initial pro buyers. The discounted price was their benefit for committing early.


Not an unreasonable request. Probably won’t happen per previous responses. It’s possible that reverting the upgrade to the old price, now that the company understands true costs, would make the purchase cost less than their cost. That said, I was a first day buyer. In no way does the fortune of others affect me. If you received a unit for free in a customer lottery I would be pleased for you.


So you really want to put more money into a version of the product that has seen zero demos over a year after it was supposed to ship? You are much braver than me!


Not sure if you replied to me accidentally. I ordered the Pro over a year ago so don’t need an upgrade. In my mind that money is spent, it is irrelevant, so no, not nervous in the least. If the Pro upgrade price remains what it is today, I would recommend waiting for any upgrade until we started seeing them in the wild. Confident in the Pro deliveries relatively soon, but if you have the option to wait for reviews that’s always a good move.


Yeah, it wasn’t supposed to be you rpegg. I noticed it, but had to get to work so had no time to correct it :slight_smile:

Didn’t take it as a slam. Never do. Was just confused. Which is easy for me.

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They have actually been doing live demos at maker faires. There are a few on youtube to watch. There are also lots of videos from forum members getting things cut at the glowforge booth. I was there, its definitely real and working. I still have my name badge they cut for me!

Heres some videos I found on a quick search:

And in this photo you can see the name badge they cut for me:


There’s are lot s of demonstrations of the glowforge at work around the forum. I think this one from a prerelease machine might be the most recent. There’s video and photos both. I know they’re easy to miss if you don’t look for them, but they’re there.

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I think they were referring to the Pro version specifically. I thought all the demos so far were Basics? I would be excited to see a Pro demo.

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Oh! In retrospect, you’re probably right. I misunderstood.

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My comment was of the pro, not the basic.

Please show me where a Pro has been demonstrated. That is what I was referring to. I have not seen it - I do read the forums every day, but I have not come across a video showing the Pro capabilities.

Yup, definitely misunderstood and missed what you were referring to. @annege beat you to it and clarified.

I wouldn’t mind. It wasn’t a contest of who got in on the pie before we ran out of slices. It’s not hugely different than 6 months ago when they could have upgraded. In fact, I’d be happy if people were able to do that because it makes them more committed to the GF success. I might feel different if someone who doesn’t already have a GF purchase got to do so after we all waited (more or less) patiently for the last year. But someone else who put their money down already and has been hanging around in the same line could get an upgrade without me feeling the least bit ill-used.

Well I mind! When I sat down, the pie was warm… now that everyone else is here, the pie went cold. You’re telling me that I could have took my sweet time and waited for everyone else to arrive, paid the same amount and had a hot piece of pie while sitting in the kitchen shoving down ice cream?!

I suck at metaphors.


How about a free upgrade. Seems reasonable to me.

You should contact and request one. If it’s a reasonable request, they’ll green light it right away.

I bought the basic, I’d appreciate the filter upgrade. Do t see it happening since they won’t even open up the founder pricing again to upgrade.