"Scanning your material".... forever


Just had a frustrating afternoon trying to print my first self-designed job. After much simplification (i.e. removing ALL the rasters / engraves) I was finally able to get it to cut out some basic pieces.

Until now. I just finished my first cut, and I wanted to run a second one. Did not change anything, just hit print. I’ve been on the “Scanning your material” screen forever.

I can’t get out of it because I had manually placed the design on the the GFUI and restarting would change the location. What should I do?

Hanging on "Scanning your material"

This happens sometimes, force stop it and try again. If all else fails restart the GF and refresh your app.glowforge.com.

And yes, large engraves are a known problem, you will need to break them up to print them.

Just saw your part about manually placing the design… it sucks for sure. You can also try to open the lid of the GF, touch nothing else, then close and try printing again. Opening the lid may interrupt the stuck process.


If you are sending a job immediately after a print, it is best to give it 10-15 seconds after the ‘cooldown’ period finishes. Other issues aside, it used to just throw an error when print was hit too soon after completion of the previous job. Since a recent update, it appears to lock the machine up.


This has happened to me several times in the past week. Things I’ve done that have sometimes worked:

  1. Click the “Cancel” button if it’s present and not greyed out.
  2. Open the lid, wait a few seconds, close it again.
  3. Turn off the Glowforge (leave the app open), count to ten, turn it back on.
  4. Open up the app in another browser, open up a design, wait for it to load, then close that window and go back to my original browser window.

I’d try them in this order and stop as soon as one of them works. Also, wait a good 30-60 seconds between each of these actions.

In middle of large multi step engrave. Got the dreaded "uploading" and grayed out everything again
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I’m sorry you ran into trouble, @monicayuwu. I have two questions

  1. What kind of material was in the bed while it was scanning?
  2. Have you seen this again since Friday?


Just on the off chance…do you have more than one wifi network? I do…a 5GEXT and a 2GEXT. Sometimes mine transfers over to the 5…which is not recognized by the Glowforge. It does then what you’re describing…eternal scanning. Once I switch it back to the 2, it works just great.


It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.

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