Settings for 1/4 inch birch plywood

hey, good callout!

X-ACTO Extra Fine Saw Blade -

Tamiya Handy Craft Saw II -


The Tamiya was more what I was thinking. Looks like X-acto has one too.

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The 1/4" BB I have (from Shur-Way in Vancouver, WA) usually cuts pretty well at 175/full(basic) x3. Yours sounds a bit more stubborn!


Interesting. Do you change the focus height with each pass? Is the 3 pass to avoid char or just too dense of a material?

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for this. I have the same wood from them and I cannot get a consistent cut with my GF. I will try your settings for 1/4.

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What kind of hand finish tool do you use?

I’m WAY happier working with 1/8”, in fact I’ve completely abandoned 1/4” as a comfortable option. I always double up when I need extra thick pieces.


So you just cut twice on 1/8 and glue them together? Is that what you mean?

Yep! Exactly. You’ll have nice golden edges, instead of charred black.


Ahhhhh! Genius! Thank you!

And when you need perfect alignment of your layers use registration pins/tabs. For instance:

You don’t have to give up your precision when you use layers :slight_smile:


do you mirror your image and then glue the picture cut sides?

There’s also these that fit the regular #1 handle if you don’t have a B handle.


I suppose you could, but I just do the same cut, with masking on the underside to protect against the flashback and smoke trails

Thank you I have found your settings to be very helpful. I use the 140 speed with full power but 3 passes and that does the job 99.9% of the time the rest is taken care of with an exacto knife but I find I don’t have to recut any more sheets. Flare up is the only problem though but it is minimal

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Glad my settings work for you. The quality of the Baltic Birch makes a big difference. Good quality one does not have many thick spots.

I avoid finishing like the plague :slight_smile:
I sell kits that other people finish.


Making it an interactive experience!

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Thank you for this post, I have ruined more pieces of expensive Baltic birch trying out different settings, and yours is the only one that is working consistently for me! :blush::+1:t2:

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Test, test and re-test. Then test some more. What may work for one piece may not work for all. Depends on if they’re from the same sheet and what wood is inside.

If I get lucky, I can find a 4’x8’ piece that consistently cuts.