Southwest Design (9 layers)

I’m back with another layered piece. This time I was inspired by southwestern design elements.

Here are my previous posts if you haven’t seen the other pieces that I’ve done in the first week or so of receiving my Glowforge.

1. 11-Layer Geometric Art Panel
2. Layered Pineapple Art
3. Pikachu Mandala

I’m having so much fun with this style! I hope to do some much larger pieces soon that would be comprised of several smaller units. I’m already itching for a larger laser bed! Can Glowforge 2.0 be 36"x24"?!


Do love that technique! (Gonna try one someday.) :grinning:

Dang, and I’ve just Friday started my first project where all the parts for cutting are placed in 2 different colors…and I’ve got some adjustments to do because the finger joint depth doesn’t match the material thickness.

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You must going through proofgrade materials quickly.

I told my wife last night that the glowforge is going to be more like a inkjet printer and cartridges. I am going to end spending more on consumables like proofgrade than on the actual unit.


I am using Baltic Birch that I purchased on Amazon. It’s much more affordable while I am getting my bearings and testing new designs. I will likely use Proofgrade or some other higher quality plywood for future pieces. I have yet to find a good local source for 1/8" outside of the big box stores. I also will be testing various types of transfer paper and tape to reduce charing as I am currently lasering unprotected.


I got the 1/4 from woodpeckers on amazon. I used them for mac command key coasters.

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Wowzers! You have really found your calling–you’re good at this!

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Some people have mentioned being concerned about some of the chemicals used in the glues for off-the-shelf plywoods. Apparently formaldehyde is one of them as this Q&A highlights:

I didn’t see any details on the Woodpeckers Baltic Birch, but they do state that it’s made in Russia.


Was anything included in the shipment that would state SAFETY for laser?

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I am pretty sure that the Woodpecker’s Baltic Birch is producing toxic gas. I say this because I was coughing for 3 days after an extended run with this stuff, before I had my ventilation issues 100% fixed. Also, it makes the little micro gas flare-ups under the material that are characteristic of formaldehyde gas. Finally, it generates a lot of dust in the bed - way more than PG materials.

Oh, and about 70% of the pieces in the box I got from Woodpecker’s are horribly warped. Some are so bad that if you hold down 3 corners on a flat surface, the fourth corner will be 5/8 inch above the surface!

Very nice, although I still like your 11 layer geometric art panel the best.

I have also been using the Woodpecker’s Baltic Birch for much of my work, and have noticed the same issues.

Well, there ya go. Guess that’s why the :glowforge: team created :proofgrade:.

Those RUSSIANS!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, it really makes me appreciate Proofgrade.

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That amount of warp translates to well over an inch of camera misalignment at the extremities of the bed!

I’m really interested in trying to do some layered mandalas with my mountain of Amazon Cardboard Boxes. Seems like it could be a really fun way to do things.

Certainly a great way to test them.

lasering unprotected

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