Total application failure



This can’t be good… (right in the middle of making tortilla chips for the party!)


Seems like someone is upset they weren’t invited to your party


Seems to not be actually motion planning now (sitting at the “Scanning your material” screen)


Have you already rebooted your Glowforge and restarted the App? If not, please do and then let us know what happens! To jump one more step ahead - if you see this again, would you try printing something else, and let us know how that goes too? Thanks!


This is a generic Ruby on Rails error. Something on the web server is unhappy.


I’ve encountered this before.

Ruby running off the Rails. A simple reload of the page fixed it for me.


That’s what I’m experiencing now.


Thanks for reporting back. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me know if you see this again.

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