Uncertified material issue

I am trying to make my father in law one of those hammers . Could not figure it out in time for Father day but regardless I would love to know why it wont allow me to enter in the thickness? I removed the tray but it keeps saying to thick ?
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Your best bet is to use the set focus tool after making sure that the surface to be engraved is within the 1/2" focus range of the Glowforge. The surface to be engraved must be between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. You do not have to input a material thickness.


I did hit set focus but it is still not letting me? What should be entered for material I am using ?

Nothing, as stated above.

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Just hit “submit” and don’t input a thickness after selecting Uncertified Material.

It says no art work ? wont let me hit submit or anything :frowning:

You have to enter engrave settings.

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I tried that. Sorry I am not sure what exactly to enter . It would only let me choose .5 ?

What is the height of the part you want to engrave above the floor of the machine?

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Do not enter any thickness or material height.

Make sure that the surface you are engraving is between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. Make sure that the metal part of the hammer is not over 2" from the floor since the printhead will slam into it if it is too high.

Use set focus before placing your text and make sure that the red beam lands on the handle where you will engrave the text.


It is only an inch . I tried setting focus before text and everything you mentioned . I give up I guess it int meant to be . Thank you for trying to help :frowning:

Put something under the hammer to elevate the handle surface so it is between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. Do not elevate it so much that the head of the hammer is over 2" from the floor.


You can also use this to determine if your material is within range. Will come in handy if you plan to print over-size objects…

Or this if the surface is relatively flat and accessible from and edge.


Thank you ! I got it to work. Guess it was not high enough so i set thicker wood under it ! Thank you for the helpful video :slight_smile:


I’ve done that. I leave a stack of wood close to the machine just to adjust the height. I would also make one of the height gauges that @eflyguy suggested above. I made @dwardio 's design a long time ago and still use it often.


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