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Hello #Glowfam,

I was wondering if any of the current holders of a Glowforge would be willing/able to give us a 360° view of the GF with an overlay of the dimensions. I’m looking for more than just what’s seen here.

I’d like to see the back of the machine for once. I would like to know the distance from the (edge/bottom/top) of the machine to the exhaust port so that I can build a custom stand/shelf for it.

I chose the GF Pro + Air filter and would like to know if the air filter can simply set into a recessed box frame (as to hide it) or does it need breathing room? As for the pass-through slots (I haven’t heard of any Pro models in the wild yet) do they hinge and hang all the way down @Dan, or do they lower to say a 90° angle and stand straight out?

Those are just a couple questions I had. Thanks in advance.

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Unless I am totally confused, and/or I misunderstand your intentions, the filter is going to be directly under the Glowforge. The connection between the exhaust and the filter is going to go through the bottom going to be an elbow bend out the back to filter for the air flow.

I’ll snap some pics with dimensions though for you.


@marmak3261 thank you. I figured that the filter would be attached at the bottom but I wasn’t sure if the hose would bend down from the back of it to the filter or if it just ran straight down and the exhaust port in the back would be blocked off. There really isn’t anything I’ve found about the filter/exhaust.

I’d imagine the filter would need some form of air flow out of it if for no other reason than air pressure in the GF. I’d just like to know more about the filter functions. @Dan do you have any more info somewhere that I haven’t seen?


I understand. I’ve been trying to picture that connection myself. In any case here is the back.


Wow, thank you so much @marmak3261 :smile: That was exactly what I pictured in my head.


There’s a cap for the output port on the back when you have the filter though, right?


That’s what I’ve been assuming.


Can’t find the quote, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Dan said at one point. I haven’t lifted my unit high enough to look under it (it’s too heavy for casual inspections :wink:), but didn’t see an obvious port out the the bottom…

The filter unit will no doubt need it’s own ‘breathing room.’


@dwardio looking at the back now, what do you suppose the slots at the bottom are? I do you suppose they could be vents and the air filter clips into there or utilizes them somehow?


The two horizontal slots are both air intakes and must have at least 1 inch of clearance. Pure speculation in my part, but I’m betting on a custom U-shaped adapter with the filter (I ordered Basic+Filter, btw).


I don’t think this is correct. I’m pretty sure the filter will be connected via the same exhaust port on the back. A short U-tube will connect them.


@takitus I read a post where @Dan said it was designed to function connected to the bottom as we see it in the Tech Specs picture.



Sorry. Maybe im misreading. To clarify what I’m saying the glowforge will sit on top of the filter, but the connection between the two will be through a Ushaped vent tube coming out of the exhaust port into the filter.

Looking at the bottom of my glowforge, there’s no other place for them to transmit data or airflow for the most part. There’s an air intake under the button. There’s also a speaker there that might be used, but I doubt that.


Re: air, you’ll want some clearance in the back and on the right for “breathing room” (I don’t have exact numbers for you unfortunately).

For the passthrough, the front and back are slotted with a flexible curtain, so it does not protrude at all.

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It’s actually a U-bend that connects them in the back (the aforementioned macaroni comment). The filter intake is directly below the Glowforge exhaust.

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Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017

Can they be separated? For example can the filter be placed under a counter with the GF on top and connected with a longer duct.


Hmmm interesting question. I’d like to know as well.


I had asked that question and was told that the filter must be placed directly under the Glowforge. :confused:


Isn’t there some kind of connector set to tell the filter when to work?