Anyone use a 3D printer to utilize with your Glowforge capabilities?

I’m thinking of adding a 3D printer and wondered if anyone uses one with their glowforge and which one you would suggest? Thanks so much!

I bought a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer about the same time that I bought my Glowforge.

Used it a little bit…seemed pretty easy to use and worked well. However, I got more focused on using my Glowforge because it is a lot quicker to get results. Hoping to get back to using the 3D printer more in the future.

Absolutely! There are tons of examples in the forum (search for 3D Printer). I really like a resin printer like my Elegoo Mars because of the really fine detail for the miniature things I like to make, but there are plenty of reasons to want a filament printer as well.

Here’s some examples of 3D printed things I’ve made to go with my Glowforged things:


Thanks so much. Which resin printer did you purchase?

Elegoo Mars. The original one, not the latest one. Still works great!

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thanks so much!

I like my Elegoo too. So far the only combo projects have been adding lithopanes to lanterns but I haven’t been trying very hard to marry the two.


I bought a Promega M3D and discovered how much less mechanical engineering and programming it takes to run a Glowforge, but it has a 16.5 inch cubed bed area to play with if I can get to the point of playing with it.

I got the snapmaker 2.0 A350

I use it a lot to make stuff to use in the glowforge

I have several FDM printers and a SLA printer. I have used them in concert with the Glowforge many times. Some parts are better and easier to print and some are better and easier to laser.

Prusa MK3. Been very happy with it. I think it is a very reliable printer with little fuss. They now have a resin printer, a mini and are coming out with a XL.

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I’ve been really considering getting an Elegoo printer but I haven’t been able to pick out the right one yet. Part of me wants to go for the biggest one. Well 2nd biggest now. I like the Saturn but not sure if I actually NEED that much room on the build plate. Largely just going to be making props, tabletop miniatures, and the occasional bust.

I get you, having the most capability is always my first instinct, too. With these resin printers tho - keep in mind that you still have to fill the whole vat with resin even if you’re printing sometime tiny. And those vats are a pain to clean!! I’d go for the size that covers most of your needs and then hit up a friend/printing service for larger edge cases that can’t be split into smaller sections.

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What do you use your GF for, and have you found yourself in-need of parts that it couldn’t produce?

I have two 3D printers, but have never used them in conjunction with anything I’ve made on the GF.

There are two specific examples I can give: the “dodecahedrons” and similar geometric objects that many use 3d-printed “connectors” and screws for. I came up with a laser-cut connector that doesn’t require screws - so everything can be cut on the GF. The other is the “fairy doors” - you can do some cool “trim” with 3d-prints, but I prefer to create depth-mapped 3d engraves for those parts.

Could I have used one of my 3d-printers? Sure! But I like solving problems, and using the GF for a laser-cut project is a challenge and fun.

So, again, what are you use your GF for? Are you lacking a capability that only a 3d-printer can provide? Then, sure, go ahead and buy one.

I use a Lulzbot taz pro for my 3D printing. I also have a Elegoo Saturn and Snapmaker pro A350m but those don’t see much use in conjunction with the Glowforge. I make mostly complex polyhedrals and use the 3D printer to create the connectors. I’ve made a few monopoly boards on the Glowforge, and used the 3D Printer to make the tokens, etc.


I figured that one could always build smaller on a big print area, but hard to print bigger on a small build area. However I might even buy another if it was as easy to use as a Glowforge even with a small print area and only one color. :disappointed:


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