First Leather Project on the Glowforge

There’s a standard leather stitching needle that you would use for all leather projects. In terms of the thread, you’ll have to decide based on what your design. If you’re making a large item like a tote bag, I’d recommend using a medium to thicker thread. If you’re making a smaller item like wallets and pouches, a thin thread will work. It all depends on the aesthetic of your product. Good luck!

Definitely not what I was expecting for a first project. You hit the ground running! Thanks for sharing your process with us all.


I’ve read through the whole post hoping to find an answer to a simple question. Do you know of a way to finish the leather after engraving/cutting so that the burnt material doesn’t smear all over the leather with handling?

I just wipe off the edges with a soft rag before starting any finishing.

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Well, that wasn’t really the question. The edges aren’t a problem. I am engraving on the piece and that is what is smudging the piece.

You mention “finishing” - what do you use to finish the leather?


Ah. I use masking paper to prevent that. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much still a beginner with leather, so you might not want to totally rely on me, but here are some posts with the finishes I’ve used:



Try masking tape well burnished (lint roller even) or silly putty. Might take a couple passes depending on your engraving.

Wondering what settings you used to cut these, and did you use masking tape, mine looks a little burnt around the edges. Any tips you could offer a newbe?


Hi Tony,

Great question - check out this post and let me know if you still have questions!

Good luck!

Confirmed on the acrylic paint.

I was chatting with the guy at Tandy. I was about to buy some expensivish leather acrylic paint… he said to just use regular latex acrylic. This what I have been using on my wallets - and they wear quite well.

And the paint is cheap.

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Amazing !

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