General Scanning and Centering problems discussion thread

There have been a lot of posts concerning problems with scanning and centering. These threads close rather quick.

A common solution is a replacement of the black cable inside the lid of the unit.
Post your own solutions to problems, and solutions proposed by Glowforge-support here, and help fellow users out!

Since these threads close rather quick, and thus stopping conversation, this thread can be used for a general discussion.

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Relevant closed threads:

And many more

Which arises earlier stated questions:

  1. Why are threads being closed off so rapidly, while there is still discussion going on?
  2. Is the black cable in the lid the reason for most of the problems in these threads?
  3. Has there been a mass defect in these cables, or are they generally unreliable?
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How are your experiences with replacing this cable? (since you stated in the link above that you have the cable in now)

I’ve moved this to the Everything Else section for you so it will be left open and you can discuss it with anyone who cares to. (Problems and Support is for people to report problems that they need help with on their machines. It creates tickets for Support to look into, and they are closed as they are resolved.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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The replacement of the part was far more scary than it actually was.
It is literally just a flat replacement cable with a little extra length to it. I guess the old style of cable touched the lid lip when opened.

I took the replacement install very slowly and snapped a lot of photos along the way. The last thing I wanted to do is break warranty or make things worse.

The slowest part was removing the old glue/tape. Just take your time with it and you’ll be fine. It took a good 5-10 min just for that part.

Replacing the cable was easy after that. Photo of the cable bend below. You can see how much more space it now has. So far no new issues.

I did have help when sticking the new cable back to the glass to make sure we got it straight. When the new adhesive touches the glass, good luck getting it off. You get one try, so make it a good one.

All else worked perfectly. The glowforge kicked on and the centering problem was gone. Done and done.

I hope that info help



My cable just came in, and replacement solved the issue.
I paid attention to check wether there was enough room for a nice curvature in the cable around the hinge. The standard installed one got pulled around the edge of the frame, resulting in a slight fold in the cable.


Above: the newly installed cable, with less space than @shae.klusman , but still a nice curve.

Below: The old cable, where you can see the mark/fold of the edge of the frame.


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