Stocking up


I haven’t received my GF yet, but until I do I’d like to stock up on some supplies so that I can create when it does arrive.
Can someone recommend to me what I should purchase?


I’m a fan of all of the proofgrade, cherry being my favorite - but I use more maple than anything. I’m an acrylic fan also, but it depends on your interest and vision. Lot of materials.


If you’ve got the space, start breaking down every cardboard box that gets shipped to you and save it. Cardboard cuts easily and there’s a lot you can do with it, even if it’s just a temporary mock up of something you’ll do for real later.

Plus nobody wants to pay for that.


Yeah the darker colors are great for special projects, but I’ve found the maple the best for most image engraves. I use it far more than anything else


In addition to the excellent material suggestions, you might find this interesting…

My personal “must have” list:

  • 6" Digital calipers
  • Gorilla tape
  • Blue tape
  • Wood stain “touch up” pens in a variety of shades
  • Magnets – ferrous or “neo”, but no thicker than 1/4 inch (I’ve had thick ones jump from the material to the underside of the gantry :scream: )
  • Did I mention digital calipers? :wink:


I would second the 6" digital calipers, the gorilla tape, the magnets, and the calipers.


I’ve got two sets of calipers in the lair and everything else on your list but the touch up pens, need to pick some of them up.


OMG —I forgot clamps! Glorious, wonderful clamps in all shapes and sizes. You can’t have too many clamps. And a bag of assorted rubber bands.


@marmak3261 's square is right at a necessity.


All of the above + paper mask. I’m liking this stuff, and they also offer it in a 12" roll.


I think a big part of that answer is, what do you want to create? :slight_smile:


There have been similar posts in the past with looooong lists of things to get. Just can’t seem to find the posts right now.


dwardio linked to one in his reply. And here are a few more:


I find Riggers Bands to be perfect. They’re wide and strong (and used for packing parachutes so the manufacturing quality is top notch). When the piece gets too big for those, then it’s usually big enough to be able to use clamps effectively. Those fat ones used to hold asparagus bunches and other veggies together are also good.


lol Thanks


Thanks so much for the help, I guess I’ll just get a little bit of everything :smiley:
I like to experiment and being a sculptor this is a whole new field for me to play with, so I would like to try a bit of everything as far as what this machine has to offer before I decide. I suppose I should have been a bit more specific… I definitely want to experiment with carving and engraving woods, metal also if that’s possible, most definitely acrylic. Do you have a specific place where you purchase such items?


Perfect! Thanks so much