Stormageddon Is HERE!


After waiting so long, it has finally arrived.

My delivery window was from 3:45 to 5:45 ( I decided to pay the extra $8 for a 2 hour window). My wife and I left work early to be here to sign for it.

First hour passed quickly. I had to shoo the cat from the Glowforge’s new home.

My wife finally manged to get our daughter down for a nap, and then she woke up 5 minutes later. I went in and tried to get her to sleep again. That’s when the Glowforge arrived. (~5:00pm)

My wife started making dinner while I was soothing the baby. Once she was asleep, I brought the first box in.
Inside was the crumb tray, the head, and the dryer duct.

Once my wife had a second, she helped me bring the Glowforge upstairs!

And then the baby woke up. Time to eat!

For me, too.

Okay, now we got it lifted in place, exhaust is connected, and its powered on… IT’S ALIVE!

Okay, now to for the first project. (~6:30pm)
Whenever I told people I was getting a laser cutter, a bunch of people asked what you can make with a laser cutter. My go to answer: Toast. So, here’s some toast. Also, I wasn’t the first one to press the button.

But… Iggy’s sourdough bread does not brown very well. So here is a slice of wheat bread.

And here is the founder ruler!

Things I have learned.

  • My exhaust is not sealed very well, so I’m getting some smell bleed through. I need to re caulk it.
  • My wife is very sensitive to the smell.
  • It’s way bigger than I was expecting, and I’ve seen it in real life before!
  • The box was banged up a bit, but it was packaged so well that there was no damage at all!

Who's scheduled for delivery today?
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

Congrats! Love the play-by-play! :blush:


Stormageddon? Is that the Glowforge or the baby? :slight_smile:


… Can’t it be both?


Aren’t babies more Smellageddon? :mask: Congrats on your new machine!


Awesome!!! Can’t wait for that feeling! CONGRATS!!!


Fantastic! Guess we’ll see you in a few… :grin:


Congrats man, happy for you and out of love for the day so :heart:




Congratulations! We’ll see you again in a week or so! :smiley:


Congrats man! Thanks for posting. Worked right out of the box too! Enjoy it so much!


Thanks for taking time away from Stormageddon to post this. Truly appreciated.


Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!!!


Yeah…best post ever!! New :glowforge: owner and a picture of a cute baby!! :squee:
Your wife feeds you well too…happy day.

So excited to see what you are going to do!!


Great post! I’m all smiles about it! ENJOY!!!
How the heck can you have a laser and a baby?! That leaves you with… let me do the math here… 0? Yes… I think that leaves you with exactly 0 free time. :slight_smile:

Man, I wish there was something other than a ruler. Every time I see it compared to a purchased ruler it makes me sad that it’s so far from true. Kinda wish there was maybe a founder’s plaque instead, and then a ruler once the precision is better tuned.


I think that’s because I took a bad picture. It’s pretty damn close.


Use the adhesive foil duct tape around all the seams in the connections, the centerline seam of the piping, around the vent to hose connection at the end in front of the clamp…everywhere it’s not solid because smells leak.


And on the :glowforge:, too.


There is a plaque - it’s for the tracing example in the getting started tutorial of sorts. I put Orodurin on mine (and the appropriate elvish text).


i call this the costco effect