The cold and GF

I have a couple of questions. I live in Northern Illinois so it gets quite cold. My Glowforge basic is in a spare bedroom. I have it vented out a window. I live in a brick home, so can’t put in a vent through the wall.

  1. How do you insulate a window vent? I have a sliding mechanism to fill the space, but it is thin.
  2. I have a dryer louver on the outside and a blast and an AC infinity backdraft damper on the inside. Are these 3 blocks enough to prevent damage to GF from the window vent or do I need to connect/disconnect with each use during cold weather?

No matter where you live and no matter the season, Glowforge recommends that you disconnect the vent when the machine is not in use.


I didn’t want to lose the view so I cut two pieces of acrylic that overlap - and then put insulating foam over the edges to really make sure everything was insulated. I’m in a slightly warmer area than you, but only slightly :slight_smile:

You can just barely see my blast gate on the left of the photo - but other than having to pass through the fan/pipe that’s my only blockage.


I always keep my blast gate closed at the end of the day. Partly for environmental control, but also to keep bats-cats-n’-rats out.

somthing I forgot to add: I use mobile oil heaters over the winter. One is dedicated to the laser room. Last winter I found the setting that kept things above the minimum temps, and I just leave it there until heaters are turned off and put away for the season.


Ahh the annual cold Glowforge discussions.


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