Cutting Stickers and Decals

Curious if anyone on here has cut decals or stickers on their glowforge? I’m wondering what material you used and settings. Thanks in advance!

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I have used paper stickers because you can’t put vinyl (except for HTV) in the laser.


People have. Do a search on “kiss cut”. That’s where it cuts the sticker but not the release paper underneath. Someone doing stickers used that term and I remember it from then :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve used polyester mailing labels to make stickers and they work great. Not as durable as professionally done ones but for most of my use cases they are fine.
I buy them in full page (8.5 x 11).

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My settings for the Online Labels polyester sticker stock:

195/3 – Cut sticker but, not backing.

195/9 – Cut sticker and backing.