Engrave ceramic coffee mug


I’m very new to this and have read a lot of forum posts but I can’t find an answer. I Googled and looked at YouTube. I found a forum post here on how to engrave on a shot glass and how to engrave on a 4" tile. What I can’t find is how to engrave on a ceramic coffee cup. If someone would point me in the right direction, I would so appreciative.

Thank you,

Hi Barbara, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, unless the ceramic coffee mug is less than 2 inches in diameter, it will not be possible to engrave it with your :glowforge:. It isn’t the material that is the problem, it is the thickness of the object. The shot glasses work because they are less than 2 " thick when laid on their side to engrave and even they require the removal of the crumb tray. I hope this limitation won’t discourage you, there are endless possibilities of things that you can make or personalize. Happy forging.


Maybe a tiny espresso cup would fit but a normal size coffee cup unfortunately will not. 2” max.


That being said, necessity is the mother of invention. it’s possible that a glass etching solution might work, or sandblasting, but we’re going pretty far afield from “just put it in the laser and be done”.

And of course, if you can’t engrave the mug, maybe the thing to do is make a nice custom coaster. You can cut it out of flat materials or even buy a coaster to modify. Here are a few examples that I’ve made of various types.