Looking for material for name plates 0.8mm or 30mil

My office provides name plate frames, but they want us to print our own on paper. There’s a plastic cover for the paper. I’ve tried 3D printing my own, and found that about 0.8mm or 30 mil is the thickness that will fit in the slot. I was thinking I could get some stock and laser nice nameplates for my coworkers, but can’t find any appropriate material. Anyone have any ideas?

I love the look of two-tone acrylic when laser etched.


How about a layered metallic cardstock or just engraved cardstock. Very interesting new material: metallic cardstock


+1 on the two-color acrylics. Inventables.com has some that is .022 thickness. That’s a little smaller than 0.8mm, but the next step up is 1/16 (.062).


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A lot of white core cardstock engraves look really cool and could get you great contrast.


Oh also, raw wood veneers tend to be ~1/42" thick. that works out to ~0.6mm

That means that any number of wood veneers could be engraved as name plates. There are great sampler packs that have lots of colors, like this:


I make my own “two-color acrylic” using replacement picture-frame “glass” from THD. It’s right around that thickness and really cheap. It’s acrylic, not polycarbonate - but you have to check as they do sell both.

I spray the back side one color, then engrave it and spray the 2nd color.

I used this technique to make gold with black text spice jar labels, for example. Pretty sure I shared pics here. Also made some small signs using this technique.


Let us know if you dig that up. I might have missed it.

Might be too thick. I remember it as being under 1mm but it’s officially


Just found a scrap and it measures 0.9mm with the mitutoyo caliper I keep on the machine. Even my Proofgrade Acrylic varies in thickness by .2mm or so. Take a caliper with you to the store?

So it might work without the plastic cover you mention, which would not be needed for a reverse engrave in any case. They look really nice as the design/text is engraved into the back side.

I think it was $5 or so, so worth trying.


I couldn’t find it but would LOVE to see what you did. I do alot of 2-color acrylic engraves and would love to be able to make them myself! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

If you meant me, I wasn’t the one who made them, and @eflyguy and @o-o posted links to and pics of their two color paint trick right above this :slight_smile:

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