Wooden two handed Xiphos sword

I am Telikos, the Endbringer.

My nephew commissioned a sword, and requested a xiphos. After a minute of googling, I got the gist and we set about making a 2 handed version of the form.


  • everything sanded to about 600 grit
  • two coats of satin polyurethane
  • overall length of about 52". It’s definitely an outside toy.

See my other swords for more specific build notes, they all use similar techniques.

Click here for the other swords.

The design was a collaboration, but once we worked out the size and outline, the rest of the design was up to me, I wanted to surprise him with the end result. I’ve been waiting until the USPS delivered it before I could post here.

(Walnut, padauk, maple, baltic birch plywood, spalted elm, clear acrylic)

A bit more detail of the wall mount, it’s three layers deep and has a keyhole in the rear for hanging. It’s engraved with a outline of the sword bisected by a spiral shield.

(Walnut, padauk, maple, baltic birch plywood, spalted elm, clear acrylic)

Speaking of spirals, longtime readers may recognize this one, I used the same one from a previous design. (Scroll down to the swirl box here) The 1/16" walnut embellishments are there for decoration and also to cover up the slight gap between the blade and the crossguard.

The inlay was double sided, with a maple layer sandwiched between. Pretty pleased with the end result there. As always, sanding a border between maple and padauk is tricky, the orange padauk wants to smear into the bright white wood. It’s tricky but doable.

The handle is a spalted elm, it’s got a lot of interest. Almost looks like cork, everyone who has seen it has been completely stumped as to what it is.

The inlaid Omega was a no brainer for a greek-themed sword called Endbringer. The padauk is really stunning in person.

I have a couple other pictures of the sword in progress, click to see them if you're curious.

The mount in a bit more detail.

Inside was an envelope that I engraved with the sword outline

And sealed with gold wax, with a stamp made with the glowforge.

Inside is a D&D-style item card for the sword.

Here’s the sword mid-handle construction. Gives you a better idea of scale… it’s big.

When the sun catches that inlay it really is quite striking. It almost looks metallic.

The crossguard, pre-assembly and pre-finishing.

The bare blade, if you look closely you can see where the registration pins were inserted to align the blade layers for glue up.

Finally the spalted elm board post handle cuts. Kind of gives you the gist of what the wood looks like.


Wow! That is some really nice detail! And all the different wood combinations! Just amazing… but I don’t think it is an outside toy. More of a mount on the wall and don’t touch it!


It’s almost impossible not to pick it up and immediately want to swing it a little or at least strike a pose. Just try not to knock any lamps over :slight_smile:


I want you to be my uncle.


Great work all around, i really love the inlays


Another beautiful piece, As with the others I am so wishing it was a metal blade, and wondering of the scrap paduk inside and walnut outside. I had not seen elm for sale spalted or otherwise and wondering how one could determine it from other species.


I got it from Kim Oberlin, not sure how he identified it. I’ve gotten some spalted maple and spalted birch from him as well, they are all pretty different.

I do have a pic of that scrap padauk somewhere…

Ah, here we go. It still has its masking.

I haven’t had the heart to toss them yet, they’re too interesting.


Would make a great box lid. :grin:


Do you have a link to their eBay store?

All of the prior links are expired.

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Hmm yeah somewhere.

Here we go:


Lol… explains why seller “Kim Oberlin” returned no results. Thx.

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I usually hit him up via email when I want something specific, but some of his current pieces of walnut are tempting. Interesting grain.


My first thought was that you wrapped the handle in cork. Great looking build!!


Wow, just wow yet again! Your nephew must be thrilled!!!


Awesome job!


Wow. The inlay on this is epic. Great write up as usual.


Beautiful execution and nice combo of materials.


The hilt is so gorgeous! Of course, the entire piece is spectacular.


Um… I have no words that do not include profanity… I mean… Holyshiznit!

You, Sir, are a whack job! Brilliant and talented, but absolutely whacko. I aspire.


I’ll take that all as a compliment :wink: