Honeycomb bed holdown pins

the best laser results are achieved with flat (non warping materials) in order to maintain consistent focus. Also, when cutting light materials like paper, the exhaust turbulence can kick up the material and ruin your job or at worst… catch fire. (speaking of which, I hope you all keep a small fire extinguisher in easy reach, near your machine - safety FIRST)

I hope you find these useful. I used to 3d print them for my other laser cutter but occasionally , they would see the wrath of the laser :frowning: With these little guys, IF you need more , you have the right tool. The text can be easily removed or customized if you choose. If you have any cool additions or variations of this design, please repost to share with others…

Its a great use of proofgrade draftboard scraps.

have fun, be safe

see:What to do with precious proof grade scraps?

honeycomb pins_v1.zip (4.4 KB)

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Thanks for sharing!!

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Great! I’m glad you shared these! i can use 'em! :grinning:


awesome… took me a bit to figure out how to share… that should be easier ;( I have lots to share


Thank you thank you thank you! I will keep that file handy–just perfect for using up odd corners of scrap.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing this file! I keep a folder of designs and ideas that other forum members have offered for free, and I am certain I will be making some of these.


Thanks! I will cut these and use them.

I’ve been using these this morning…every Pro owner needs to cut a set for themselves. They force even warped plywood to lie flat as a pancake on the grid, even if you’ve got half the length of the material hanging out the front.

Really fantastic design - you need to be selling these in the catalog. :star::star::star::star::star:


Its like you read my mind last Saturday! Mahalao!


Thanks Jules… i appreciate the kind words. Maybe at some point ill put things in the store. Im a tech-nerd-engineer-evangelist and love to share things like this to help others enjoy the hobby. Tools and fixtures are my specialty. Ill often spend hours to make a fixture to guarantee repeatable results. If you have even lasered pens or other odd shaped items, you’ll know what i mean… i have a box of crazy fixtures for such things. Ill share more as i get myself converted over to GF. Im confident enough with it now that I am giving my VLS350 to my daughter and son in law. They will use it well (especially after I spent almost $1500 on laser tube refurb 6 months ago so its back to its full 40 watts). Now, THEY get to learn how to deal with all the tedium, but still enjoy great results. She was down here last week when the GF showed up and she helped me set it in place. Its odd now , that i’m giving her a unit that cost 3x as much and i feel like i’m giving her an inferior unit, while “dad” has a shiny new Glowforge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

now im just hoping for a few missing bits on the GUI… im doing my best to bite my tongue because all other aspects make the pain worth it… sometimes i wonder if IM just missing something when trying to do some simple setups…

I have seen over the past year or so that you are a regualr on this forum… if anyone knows, i figured you would…
Is there a detailed set of keystrokes/functions for the GUI? … im at a loss… copy/paste no brainer… standard keys apply but beyond that…selection of items ? only from the bed wireframes? no selection from the layer list on the left?
(I’m a “front end” software designer / developer so I guess im just a UX snob :wink: ), but i also realize the efforts required to develop this eco system… sure wish i could contribute!



I pulled together a list of handy shortcuts for the GFUI a while back - here you go. There are actually a lot more than people realize.


Do you have a picture of them in action? Looking at SVG, my question: Ss the central pin supposed to bend down ~90 degrees and anchor into the honeycomb?

im not sure i understand your question but… in my original post What to do with precious proof grade scraps?, i have several pix that show them in use… because of the way the honeycomb cutting table is set up, these pins want to fit in at about 45 degree angle. does this make sense? if not, it take a little video tonight…


That link makes it all make sense. Thank you!

Just need to make sure the sliver of material left in the middle cut is removed - can’t believe how fine that can be cut!! (I used hardwood scraps)

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I made a stack out of walnut ply scraps*…work fine. :grinning:
*less the text, you can’t see it on walnut

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Thanks a lot! This is very useful!

Thanks for sharing! Apologies if this is posted somewhere and I missed it…what thickness of material is ideal to cut these out of?

Just the regular draftboard :slight_smile: